Little Sprouts Testimonials

Determining where to send my children to preschool was a decision which was looked at long and thoughtfully.  Being a teacher myself, I was in search of a program that would nurture my children socially and emotionally.  A program that would provide my children with a strong academic foundation.  A program that would help them to embrace and foster life long learning.  After consulting with a number of local programs, Little Sprouts was our choice.  Not only has it met the 
requirements we were seeking, it has surpassed them.  We could not be happier with our decision.

I have three year old twins who have extremely different personalities.  Little Sprouts has been able to individualize their 
programs to meet their specific needs, interests and ambitions.  When I take my children to Little Sprouts with smiles on their faces, a look of 
wonder in their eyes and confidence in discovering who they are and what their role in society is, we are all happy.

A big thank you to Miss Kim for always taking the time to listen to both her students and their parents.

Kristine Findlay-Stewart and Family (South Surrey)



...Our daughter started Little Sprouts in July this year with her big brother who has been in the program for 3 years.  We can't say enough good things about this school.  Our son has made long lasting friendships, a core understanding of reading, math skills of a child much older, and lots of fun playing too.  Not only is Little Sprouts great for the scholastics, but the teachers CARE, and are helping your child every step of the way.  I would recommend this program to anyone who has a toddler.  That is why we have our second child going through it.  I hope she gains everything that he did.  Thanks Little Sprouts...and all the teachers.  

Ted & Caroline Les (South Surrey)



...Great program!  My 3 year old learned more in 9 months than my two oldest children learned in two years attending elsewhere.  Fabulous program and the kids love to attend!  They can’t get enough of the music, cooking and learning!  Little Sprouts offers a fun learning environment!  Both my children ages 3 and 5, come home and eagerly continue working on what they’ve learned.

~Heidi Brassington  (White Rock)



…Fantastic…my 31/2 year old daughter has been going to Little Sprouts since it opened and she loves it. I can’t believe how much she is learning! They learn cooking, phonics, manners and have lots of time for pretend play and more. It’s everything you would want. The nice thing as well is that teacher Kim keeps the program to a small size so each child gets a lot of one on one. I highly recommend this program and Teacher Kim. 

~Carolynn Arthur (Surrey)



Kim and her staff put their heart into what they do with the kids, go the extra mile and show they care in so many ways.  My son has grown leaps and bounds this year and has learned so much at Little Sprouts.  He is sure ready for Kindergarten!  And now my 2.5 year old daughter has started part time.  She loves it!!  My kids are so excited for the chicks to hatch and to get started on the garden! 

~Kelly Monjazeb
(White Rock)



I am so grateful to you and the staff of Little Sprouts for the level of care and learning you provide for my son, Armaan.  Having been through the preschool experience with my older daughter in another (more popular) establishment which was more hype than delivery, I am always amazed with how high you set your standards.  Not only do you have a great child to teacher ratio, but Little Sprouts provides such a nurturing and positive learning environment.  My son has thrived there and has not only learned (more than I could ever have expected for his age) traditional school education, but has gained so much learning in social and life skills. He so misses the one day per week that he doesn’t get to go.  What a great first experience w/ learning!  Thank you immensely!!


Date:  Spring 2009


Truly, from the beginning, I was uncertain if enrolling my son into pre-school was going to be of any benefit, at all, since I was a stay at home mom. I was sure that I could teach him everything he needed to know before he entered kindergarten.

Well, today I am very sure that enrolling him into Little Sprouts was the best decision I've made this far as a parent. He has grown leaps and bounds as a socially adapted child. He loves his teachers and classmate friends. The Little Sprouts program is beneficial for him because of its 5 hour curriculum which includes the perfect amount of play based learning. He's truly ready for all day kindergarten. It was a wait with baited breath until my daughter was old enough to join. Having the two of them together at Little Sprouts has only made home life easier. We're only biding our time until our third child is of age.

Thanks goes out to your well educated, friendly and conscientious teaching staff, they've been a great help and inspiration to the whole family.

Yours sincerely,

~Tracy Cameron (An appreciative Mother) (White Rock)



Our daughter is respected, honored and appreciated for her unique personality, as are all the children,  and she is thriving at the Stevens Street Little Sprouts location.  She truly enjoys her days spent with her friends at Little Sprouts.  She comes home and “plays out” her days at school.  She is spelling, reading, doing math, singing, and her artistic creativity has been unleashed ....producing mounds of artwork!  The teachers are wonderful and from the moment you walk through the doors you can feel the peace, stability and balance that they bring to their job and this space.  It is easy to see/feel that they truly love and enjoy being with and teaching the children. 

~Hilary Hanna (White Rock)



Little Sprouts has been a wonderful experience for our daughter.  She receives a genuinely warm welcome at the classroom door each morning, and individual attention and encouragement in developing fine motor and social skills throughout the day.  Children are encouraged to work together and help each other.  While some preschools talk about inclusion, Little Sprouts delivers it!  Little Sprouts Director Kim Kristiansen has a knack for finding exceptional teachers.  Miss Danica and Miss Jinder are always willing to discuss our daughters progress with us.

Phil and ChristinaLinklater  (Surrey)


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