Little Sprouts - Our Philosophy

At Little Sprouts we believe children are valued individuals that must be respected and considered at all times. When we as educators foster children’s self-esteem and build their confidence, we not only cultivate their desire to learn, but we set them up for the best possible success.  At Little Sprouts our focus is to provide a fun and exciting program, where children can play, create and learn in a safe loving environment. We encourage open parent/teacher communication throughout the year, as we believe it is an integral part of any successful childcare/preschool program.  When parents and children feel a sense of contentment with their school environment, it becomes a wonderful extension of home.  Little Sprouts believes a quality program for children begins with the ability to meet each child's individual needs. A sensory rich play/learning environment with a low teacher/child ratio and enough time to settle into the program, sets Little Sprouts apart and makes it the perfect first school experience for your child!

"Let's capture your child’s interests so that….. “The Love of Learning Takes Root!”




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